Research Funds

  • NSFC (Grant No.61872237) Proprietary crypto-system positioning and analysis in executables
  • NSFC (Grant No.61103040) Memory encryption and authentication based on address sequence abstraction
  • Major research program of STCSM (Grant No.15511103002) Research on Mobile Smart Device Application Security Testing and Evaluating
  • Innovation Program of STCSM (Grant No.13511504000) Research on Smart Device Security Protection Framework and Its Prototype Implementation

Research Projects

  • Secure Compiling
    • Compiling-on-the-Cloud
    • JavaScript obfuscation
  • IoT Security
    • Web-assembly security analysis
    • SmartCfg exploitation
    • Firmware Fuzzing
  • NLP-based Security Analysis
    • Harvesting password on GitHub
    • NLP-EYE
  • Binary Analysis
    • Kernel information leakage detection
    • Binary code similarity comparison
  • Android
    • Voice attacks on Android
    • Third-party libraries de-coupling and updating
    • OpenVPN security analysis
    • Third-party in-app payment issues
    • Security flaws in OAuth implementations
  • MISC
    • Game cheat detection and its privacy issues

Partners in Industry